The ability to drive is one of the most important factors in a person's life to support themselves and their families. It can prevent a person from meeting their most basic personal obligations and negatively impact all areas of their life and those around them. Having to rely on friends and family members for transportation or public transit is incredibly difficult and inconsistent, frequently causing loss of employment or future opportunities.

Under the Michigan Vehicle Code multiple or combinations of alcohol and/or drug-related driving convictions lead to the presumption that a person is a risk as a “habitual offender.” The law requires the Secretary of State to revoke that person's driver license. The law also requires the Secretary of State to deny a license for that person indefinitely or until as such time as he or she meets certain conditions as to their safety to be on Michigan roads.

Operators who receive a combination of two alcohol driving convictions within seven years are revoked a minimum of 1 year. Operators with any combination of three or more alcohol driving convictions within ten years receive a minimum revocation of 5 years.

After the minimum period of revocation is over, a person may apply for a hearing to be considered once again for a driver license at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). It is important to hire a competent, experienced attorney for preparation and execution of all materials needed to be sure that you satisfy all requirements of the Secretary of State prior to requesting your hearing.

In addition to the required materials (i.e., substance abuse evaluation), the attorneys at McGinnis Chiappelli, P.C. will guide you on what other evidence will be most beneficial to convince the DAAD hearing officer in making a winning decision about your case and the restoration of your driver's license. Typically, you only have one chance per year to be successful and win your driver's license. So, it is imperative you work with an attorney that knows the intricacies of the Driver's License Appeal Division and its hearing officers. At McGinnis Chiappelli, P.C., you will be counseled on the best way to present evidence of your continued sobriety through examples of letters, sobriety programs, AA participation or testimony of those around you.

A Dedicated Attorney

“Prior to calling David, I had not had my Michigan driver's license for a long time. I had gone in front of the Michigan Driver's License Appeal Division twice and lost both times. I had called and consulted with a number of lawyers who all told me that I didn't have a shot at getting my license. Then I called David. During our first conversation David was confident that he could get my license restored. I believed in him and today I have my license. David's expertise, dedication and drive has helped me get my life back. I will be forever grateful.”


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