“When you receive a letter in the mail from your ex's attorney, your world comes to a screeching halt! Your mind is working overtime as you try to make sense of the legal jargon before you. I could ill afford the money to fight the motion, but as it was my children's future with me that was at stake, I had no choice but to hire an attorney. Lise Spresser took my case and she immediately put me at ease and explained what was going to happen. My ex wanted to change the parenting schedule and her attorney  used dirty tricks to make their case. On my own I would have drowned in the experience, but with Lise at my side, with her experience and knowledge, she very quickly got my ex's attorney to back down and dismiss his own motion. The parenting schedule set down in the Judgment remained unchanged. I'd like to thank Lise for her courteous and professional manner as she guided me through my little version of hell. I hope I don't need her services again but I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and call her if I did.”

– Steve